Stroke Central Region Inc

Our Vision

 Stroke Central Region's vision:

To be Partners in Recovery for Stroke Survivors

We are a not for profit organisation which originated as a member based support organisation for Stroke Survivors and their family/whanau. We work to support Stroke Survivors in their recovery after a stroke event. We also support Spouses, Partners, Carers and families of those who have survived Stroke

The members of the Northern, Southern and Midland Regions of the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand whom we work closely with chose in February 2013 to become unified. The members of Stroke Central Region Inc chose to remain as they always have been  - member driven. They have chosen to support stroke survivors and work locally, not globally.

New Zealands local community stroke services are divided into four regions: Stroke Central Region Inc, Stroke Foundation Northern Region Inc, Stroke Foundation Midland Region Inc, and Stroke Foundation Southern Region Inc.