Stroke Central Region Incorporated organisation


  • Central Region Governance is the responsibility of the Regional Council who focuses on creating organizational transparency by defining the mechanisms we use to ensure we follow established processes and policies.
  • In the fufilment of these responsibilities Central Region has a written constitution and an elected council to oversee consistent management, cohesive policies, processes and decision-rights for the Region.
  • The Regional Council is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting and all financial members are eligible to seek nomination and vote for candidates.
  • Basic activities are undertaken with membership subscriptions and it is important that all stroke survivors become members and continue to be financial each year for your work to proceed.


As a financial member apart from helping with running costs, you are eligible:

  • to be nominated for election to the regional council:
  • to vote for the election of council members:
  • to vote on remits at the AGM:
  • to be assisted to attend the Annual Convention;
  • to be nominated for various regional and national stroke awards:
  • to have continued access to regional stroke field officers :
  • to have access to the Able-X Brain recovery equipment:
  • to receive our quarterly magazine “CentreLink” free of charge:
  • to belong to one of our 21 stroke clubs throughout the region:
  • to purchase stroke vests, toastie slippers and other resources at cost.
  • Of most benefit to your rehabilitation is your local stroke club for great company and friendship.

Membership is $15 per annum, from July 1st to June 30th.



 The purpose of the Magna Charta is to provide communication between the Council and members of Stroke Clubs; to keep members informed as to matters of interest taking place in the Region; and to encourage reciprocal communication in asking for opinions on matters which concern all of our members. It is envisaged that Stroke Clubs receiving the communication will ensure all members have access to the information either by copy or reading at the meetings. Either way Stroke Clubs are requested to make the information available to all members.




NB: If you wish to make comment on any matters outlined , please contact the Regional Office 04 298 8585 or e-mail: with your details






Beryl Fishlock - President
Beryl Fishlock - President

Past President Wanganui Stroke Club

Grace Moulton - Vice President
Grace Moulton - Vice President

David Halford
David Halford

Council Member Resides - Wairarapa

Margaret Morris
Margaret Morris

Coordinator Palmerston North Stroke Club

Kenneth Talbot
Kenneth Talbot

Council Member Resides - Wellington

John Howard
John Howard

Past President Southern Suburbs Wellington Stroke Club