Field Officer Service

Our Field Officers

The first impact of stroke can be an overwhelming experience with a lot to learn and understand. Suddenly, you may have to cope with serious physical, psychological, emotional, social and financial consequences.

At this time a Field Officer can provide support by listening, providing resources and education and help to navigate the hospital system.

The Stroke Field Officers provide information and support to people affected by stroke and their partner, carer(s) and family/whanau. In some areas of the Central Region they are also able to refer on to enable access to the appropriate health and community social services.

Our Field Officers come from many skilled backgrounds. The Field Officers undertake regular stroke related education to further develop their understanding of stroke, and the challenges faced by stroke affected people. They also work to promote stroke awareness and prevention.

Field Officers while working independently also work collaboratively with hospital teams and other health professionals and community organisations. The Field Officer Service is structured in such a way as to allow the Field Officers to continue to provide support through the process of returning home and living long term in the community.

The Field Officer can offer support and assistance in addressing challenges or concerns that are faced when living at home post stroke both for the person who has experienced a stroke and their partner/family/caregiver/Whanau.

All of our Field Officers are employed part-time with many giving more of their own time in a volunteer capacity. Because of their networks and expertise personal contact with a Field Officer is a very valuable support resource for people affected by stroke.

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