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    Stroke Awareness Week

    Stroke Awareness Week



    3rd-14th April 2018


    It's a simple idea: Groups all over the region will host their own BIG BLUE BRUNCH and invite people from all over the community. This social event is a chance for people from all walks of life to gain some extra knowledge about stroke and its affects. You will be amazed to hear some of the inspirational stories from our Stroke Survivors and Carers across the region.

    Everyone is welcome to come along and participate! Participants take their own brunch (or purchase their own if held at a café) and make a donation to Stroke Central Region.
    Only one rule—you must wear BLUE!


    Stroke Central Region traditionally collect with the annual street appeal, which will be held on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th April 2018.

    We are introducing a Saturday collection across the region, which will enable young people to be involved in volunteering and also to raise awareness to people who would more than likely be in work earlier in the week. Stroke is increasingly affecting younger people and it is important that we raise awareness to this demographic.

    It involves a maximum of two hours of your time, and it is an extremely rewarding experience. If you are free that weekend then get in touch! We need you!

    BLUE 4 STROKE DAY is a mufti day style event that schools across the community can participate in. Students wear blue and have some fun at the same time as raising awareness and learning about Stroke. It will be great to see young people getting involved and learning about the affects of Stroke.

    The Stroke Riskometer is an app designed by our partners AUT. The app is accessible by mobile and is a great way for people to assess their potential stroke risk. The app is a good indicator and could help people to make healthier lifestyle choices that could reduce risk of stroke.
    Visit: or download from your mobile app store.

    · Organise or attend a Big Blue Brunch
    · Volunteer to collect
    · Get your local school involved in Blue 4 Stroke Day
    · Promote the Stroke Riskometer
    · Promote the F.A.S.T. message

    For more info: contact Stroke Central Region on 0800 298 858 or email for a pack.

    All proceeds will go towards supporting Stroke Clubs and the Field Officer Service.
    DONATE @  

    Make sure you know the risks and can identify the signs of a stroke FAST

    • FACE Smile – Is one side drooping?
    • ARMS Raise both arms – is one side weak?
    • SPEECH Speak – unable to? Words jumbled, slurred?
    • TIME - Act fast and call 111. Brain cells are dying!

    Know your risk factors

    How many risk factors of stroke do you have? Try the Stroke Riskometer or the self assessment test:

     click below for pdf 

    Download the Stroke Awareness Week PDF here.

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