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    Stroke Central Region Inc. publishes a newsletter 4 times a year with news from around the region, articles about stroke and rehabilitation, tips for a healthy lifestyle and so much more. And of course there is also room for a bit of fun.

    CentreLink is posted to our members at the start of each season. Membership costs only $15.00 a year so if you would like to support us and receive the paper version of our newsletter, please contact us. The electronic version of the next newsletter will be published here.

    May 2018

    CentreLink 75


    Stroke Awareness Week 2018 - A success!

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    March 2018

    Stroke Awareness Week Events!


    Find out what is going on in your community!

    How to register, or for more information to host your own event.

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    February 2018

    CentreLink - Issue 74 : Stroke Club Forum 2018


    Stroke Club Forum, Stroke Awareness Week & The Big Blu Brunch

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    April 2016

    January 2016

    Previous issues of CentreLink magazine


    CentreLink October 2015
    AGM Fun Day,
    Big birthday - Waikanae Member achieves over a century
    Blood Pressure - The Big NZ Blood Pressure Check,

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    December 2014

    Recovery After Stroke - The Neuroscience Dilemma


    Associate Professor Cathy Stinear's HARTS study is targeting answers to two compelling questions about stroke recovery: What happens to people longer term after stroke? And what's the impairment threshold that decides whether newly discharged stroke patients will experience a virtuous circle of improvement or a vicious circle of deterioration?
    Dr Stinear is a clinical neuroscientist based at Auckland City Hospital within the Neurological Foundation Chair of Clinical Neurology group, which is headed by Professor Alan Barber. Her research activities focus on translating discoveries in neuroscience into clinical practice, made possible by the group's unique situation within the hospital - a situation that's the envy of the brain research world.

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    September 2014

    A Brief History of The Stroke Foundation


    “A Brief Look at the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand” is a review
    and collation of some early publications and records, to give accuracy and authenticity; consequently references are noted at the end of each chapter. This is intended to convey a brief look back into past events as they unfolded, a passing look at who did what; along with some interesting anecdotes intended to provide a greater insight, which may be used as a reference in understanding when, how, and by whom, this all came about. This is not intended to be a local history of any of the Regions, as that would become another mission, although references are made to them as they became established with some brief comments as they later developed. Likewise the early establishment of some clubs is recorded to help understand the pattern of club development.

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