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    Stroke Central Region Inc. publishes a newsletter 4 times a year with news from around the region, articles about stroke and rehabilitation, tips for a healthy lifestyle and so much more. And of course there is also room for a bit of fun.

    CentreLink is posted to our members at the start of each season. Membership costs only $15.00 a year so if you would like to support us and receive the paper version of our newsletter, please contact us. The electronic version of the next newsletter will be published here.

    April 2010

    Regional Council Business - The Magna Charta


    The purpose of the Magna Charta is to provide communication between the Council and members of Stroke Clubs to keep members informed as to matters of interest taking place in the Region and to encourage reciprocal communication in asking for opinions on matter which concern all of our members. It is envisaged that Stroke Clubs receiving the communication will ensure all members have access to the information either by copy or reading at the meetings. Either way Stroke Clubs are requested to make the information available to all members.

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    March 2010

    CentreLink March 2010


    The start of a new year and some exciting news in the journey of the Stroke Foundation Central Region. In the next few weeks we will be launching our own website. In terms of communication this is a new level for the Region.

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    Central Region Tatum Park Holiday Weekend 19th to 21st Feb 2010


    Friday night got off to a good start with a very nice meal provided by our hosts. After dinner there was a social get-together and exchange of information to get to know each other. The group had representatives from: Palmerston Nth, Foxton, the Wairarapa, Wainuiomata, Upper and Lower Hutt and Southern Suburbs from Wellington.

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    January 2010

    Stroke Foundation Central Region Annual Convention 2009


    The excitement of sporting challenges were no less this year for the Annual Convention of the Stroke Foundation Central Region. The day has become very popular in the calendar of events for Stroke Clubs and direct members.

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    CentreLink December 2009


    Tips for a healthy lifestyle and so much more and of course entertainment.

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    December 2009

    Welcome to our Website


    We hope you like our brand new website!

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    February 2007

    CentreLink December 2012


    Centrelink is the quarterly newsletter of the Stroke Foundation Central Region Inc. The publication provides news from around the central region of stroke survivors, legislative matters that may be useful to stroke survivors and their Carer's, and contact details for all stroke clubs and support groups as well as all of the Field Officers in the Central Region.

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